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SONAX 04931000 polishing sponge red 160 (hard) sanding pad 1 piece.

Hard fine-pored sponge for machine grinding polishing of scratched and weathered paints with Sonax Profiline polishes. Diameter: 160 mm. Quick

Sonax Active cleaning Foam Berry 06486000 10L

SONAX 06486000 Aktivreinigungs foam berry 10 L Strong Schmutzlösender, Phosphatfreier Active foam for the mechanical car wash. The intense and fruity, fresh

SONAX Active Cleaning Foam Concentrate Energy Limit 618600 10L

Sonax Active Cleaning Foam Concentrate Energy Powerful dirt dissolving cleaner with highly active foam action for use in roll-over car

Sonax Body polish Wax red 2964410 500ML

SONAX Colored wax polish with maximum efficiency and at the same time carefully takes care of the body of your

SONAX Car polish with Carnauba wax 300200 500ML

Polish for removing slight scratches and restoring the shine to dull paintwork. Easily applied, it cleans, freshens up the colours

Sonax Car Shampoo Concentrate 03145000 5L

Sonax car shampoo concentrate penetrates and dissolves dirt without attacking the protective wax layer on the paint. Cleans all paint,

Sonax Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate 314300 33.8 OZ

Sonax Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate is a highly effective, phosphate free formula that penetrates and loosens tough dirt without damaging

Sonax Carburettor Throttle Valve Cleaner 4883000 400ML

SONAX CARBURETTOR + THROTTLE VALVE CLEANER Ideal for the interior and exterior cleaning and degreasing of carburettor housings, throttle valves,

Sonax Chrome & Aluminum Polish Paste 3080000 75ML

Gently and effectively removes rust and tarnished areas from chrome, aluminium and all non-ferrous metals. Restores the original shine and

Sonax Cleaner 02753000 1L

Sonax 02753000 Professional Waterspot Remover (1 l) cleaner for removing dried limescale/water stains by means of dried mineral salts on

Sonax Clear View 1:100 371000 25 ML

The k&n high-flow air filter is designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to

SONAX CockpitPfleger Matteffect Cherry Kick 03672410 500ML

Sonax Cockpit Cleaner Spray Matt Effect Sport-Fresh Cleans and maintains all car interior plastics. Has a dust repellent effect, is