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SONAX 337100 Glass Polish intensive, 250ML

SONAX Glass Polish intensive, 250ml Cleans the toughest soiling off car glass from the outside, e.g. silicone, wax, oil, soot,

Sonax 343300 Cockpit Shine – Lemon Fresh 400ML

Cockpit Shine Lemon Fresh. Cleans and preserves all with plastic elements. Anti-dust and anti-static. Without silicone. Size: 400ml

SONAX 368241 Cockpit Cleaner Matt effect Havana Love, 500ML

SONAX Cockpit Cleaner matt effect Havana Love A Caribbean aroma in the cockpit and for plastic parts Cleans and cares

SONAX 04931000 polishing sponge red 160 (hard) sanding pad 1 piece.

Hard fine-pored sponge for machine grinding polishing of scratched and weathered paints with Sonax Profiline polishes. Diameter: 160 mm. Quick

Sonax 202200 Xtreme Polish + Wax 3 Hybrid NPT Car wax, Car polish 500 ML

Powerful polish for matt, weathered and unapplied paints. Extremely fine aluminum oxide powder removes slight scratches, wears weathered coatings and

Sonax 207200 Polish+Wax 2 Nano Pro Car wax 500 ML

Gentle polish with medium polishing effect for new, lightly stressed and regularly maintained paints. Removes fine scratches (e.g. Washing brush

Sonax 208500 Profiline NP 03-06, 5000L

Sonar Profiling Nano Polish agents gently return the shine to new and slightly weathered paintwork. Quickly and easily gives a

Sonax 215300 Xtreme Shampoo 2 in 1 Wash & Dry 1000ML

Shampoo with drying support for the manual car wash. Suitable for paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, rubber and plastics. Wash without

Sonax 224500 Profiline Perfect Finish, 5000ML

Based on extensive test results, SONAX Perfect Finish is by far, one of the most flexible compound/polishes. Works equally as

Sonax 248300 Xtreme Rich Foam Shampoo Car shampoo, Car cleaner, Foam Cleaner 1000ML

The sparkling car shampoo strongly dissolves dirt and has a wonderful fruit and berry aroma. The rich formula of the

Sonax 254241 Skin Care Sonax Xtreme Leather Care Milk 500ML

Milk for natural and artificial leather Sonax Xtreme Leder Pflege Milch For gentle cleaning and intensive care of smooth natural

SONAX 255241 Xtreme Plastic Detailer, Interior and Exterior 500 ML

This is a Xtreme Plastic Detailer, Interior and Exterior. This product comes from the brand SONAX. It comes in a