Company profile

Autoline group of companies was established in 1982. We are the pioneers of car care, car accessories
and warning light bars in Pakistan. We have attained official distribution of successful global brands
Mothers, Sonax and Areon in the car care segment with global representation of Pakistan. Our Sales
offices are located in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi.


Our motive is to redefine car accessories and car care business without boundaries to satisfy all your
needs from corporate to personal satisfaction.

Subsidiary companies

  • Autoline trading is our subsidiary company used for trading globally. The imports are done from USA, Europe, China and Taiwan mainly. 
  • Autoline Car Accessories is another subsidiary company. It is used for local selling and purchase along with the distribution.
  • Autoline started working on warning light bars and sirens in 1995. Initially, we started off with import only and eventually took charge by local assembling of warning light bars in 2007 under the subsidiary company Samco Int.

Official Distribution


The finest car care waxes, polishes, and cleaners for DIY and detailing purposes made in USA. We are the sole importer and distributor of Mothers across Pakistan. We have also attained global distribution of Mothers for 65 regions.


SONAX is the ultimate car care, paint care and car wash products made in Germany. It’s extensive product range has everything ready for the professional cleaning and care of your car. We are sole importers and distributors of SONAX across Pakistan.


Balev Ltd is specialized in car air fresheners manufacturing. They registered its own trade mark areon. Currently, areon air fresheners are selling successfully in more than 80 countries worldwide. In Pakistan we are the sole importers and distributors of Areon.

Kuan Tong:

In this age of global market, Kuan Tong strives to maintain its status as the leading manufacturer in the industry for aftermarket automobile accessory such as wheel covers. KT wheel covers are successfully distributed across Pakistan by us.